Marshaus & Farkas Healthcare Architecture, Inc. Healthcare Architecture … it's what we do, it's all we do, it's what we are passionate about

It is the primary mission of Marshaus & Farkas Healthcare Architecture, Inc.‘s practice to work in a participative role with clients to develop solutions that achieve their goals and objectives. We encourage your representatives to be an integral part of our design team and to be involved in the planning process from initiation to project completion. Envisioning and understanding a project from our client’s perspective is fundamental to our methodology. We approach our projects with a focus on outcomes and helping clients meet their strategic business objectives: providing optimal experiences for patients, families, staff and supporters; improving the quality of care; enhancing operational efficiencies and productivity; attracting more patients; recruiting and retaining staff; sustaining strategic and business advantages over competitors; and, increasing philanthropic, corporate, public and community support.

We understand that in today’s healthcare industry, investments in facilities, buildings and campuses are more strategic than ever. Healthcare projects are unique in their requirements to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness - while at the same time creating an environment that is responsive to patients and families who may be experiencing the joy of a newborn child, the fear of a diagnostic procedure, or the grief of a serious illness. It is this apparent dichotomy of purposes that make the design of 'healing environments' particularly challenging. When planning a healthcare facility, the functional requirements must be properly addressed: space, flow, equipment, technology, and infrastructure must all work in concert to effectively deliver the science of healthcare. Yet the delivery of a true healing process cannot be realized if the human component is ignored. Marshaus & Farkas seamlessly merges the concept of patient-focused care with functionality to create an integrated, patient-oriented healing environment. Part facility response, part human interaction, this patient centered concept makes the difference between a stressful clinical experience and a comfortable, healing process for the patient. It is our philosophy to work closely with our clients to creatively incorporate the functional and patient-centered elements of healthcare design into every healing environment we help create.

Marshaus & Farkas’ principals remain responsible for all aspects of healthcare projects, including programming, planning, design, and contract documentation; bidding, construction administration, and project closeout. This involvement assures a consistent and continuous level of involvement throughout the duration of a project from initial interview to post-construction evaluation.